On September 14, S+LOADZ members trained traffic officers in Argenteuil and tested the S+LOADZ project on the street. 

On this day, Frédéric Glinec, from the Argenteuil city council, Cécile Savin, from the Métropole du Grand Paris, Carles Sentís and Patrice Maurin from Parkunload met in Argenteuil. During this visit, traffic officers in charge of loading and unloading zones were trained. Through a theoretical session in the town hall meeting room, the Parkunload team presented the Parkunload applications for drivers and officers, and showed them how to use them. 

At the end of the day, everyone went from theory to practice and took to the streets of Argenteuil where they also performed real tests on the street making use of the signs and bluetooth installed a couple of weeks ago. 

The next step in Argenteuil is to get confirmation of the new ordinance legalizing the use of the Parkunload APP in loading and unloading zones. From the moment the new ordinance is ratified, the city council’s surveillance teams will be able to start fining, and thus the project will be definitively launched. 

In parallel, Métropole and the City Council are launching a communication campaign to raise awareness of the project and promote the use of the app Parkunload for loading and unloading activities.

Argenteuil, a step closer to the pilot launch!