In the week before Easter Michèle-Angélique Nicol, Project Manager at City of Paris confirmed that they had received the pilot go-ahead from the Mairie of the 10th District. Patrice Maurin Parkunload’s S+LOADZ Project Manager welcomed the news, stating “This is a big step forward as we now have a great opportunity to develop a common set of regulations for both the City of Paris and Grand Paris following confirmation last month that the City of Argenteuil will also pilot our solution – link to previous news item”.

On the other side of Europe, in Ankara, BELKA is organising consultations with stakeholders at the Metropolitan Wholesale Market. Ankara Team Coordinator at BELKA, Melis Selbes, comments “It is an important moment for us to mark the ending of Ramadan with this consultation; we aim to finalise the configuration parameters for the designed scheme”.

Progress with the scheme in Vic, Barcelona is also advanced. Noting that sign design is now completed, María Angélica Pérez, S+LOADZ Coordinator at Factual pointed out “with COVID travel restrictions easing, we aim to start the city visits / meetings in June; we are excited to be visiting Vic to kick-off our tour of S+LOADZ city demonstrations”.