On Thursday, September 15, academia, local and regional government and the private sector met in Paris to work on the S+LOADZ pilot project. 

On that day Pauline Joubert, Delegate for Public Space Development and Works Coordination of the Paris 10th arrondissement city council, Michèle-Angélique and Kelly Dufour from the Paris municipality, Cécile Savin from MGP, Frédéric Glinec from the Argenteuil municipality, Laetitia Lablanc from G. Eiffel University, and Carles Sentís and Patrice Maurin from Parkunload conducted two field visits in the pilot areas. 

The objective of these two field visits was to observe and listen to the district parking control teams to gather their opinions on the parking situation in district 10, and to present the S+LOADZ project to them. 

The next steps of S+LOADZ Paris 10 are to

  • Install the pilot signs with the Bluetooth devices that make them smart.
  • Conduct the training of law enforcement officers and launch the communication campaign.

Paris is getting valuable leads for the S+LOADZ project with the team on the ground. Knowing the current parking issues is key to identify the needs for implementation of the pilot, the location of the communication campaigns and generally improve the performance of the pilot. 

Listening, learning, communicating, designing and implementing. The Paris road to success.