The officers of the 10th arrondissement of the Paris municipal police have actively participated in the training on the use of the Parkunload App given by Patrice Maurin of Parkunload. From now on, the police officers know in depth the functioning of the App, its functionalities for the drivers and the functionalities for the police, in particular to control the good use of the loading and unloading zones in the 10th district. With this knowledge, the police will be able to carry out in a more efficient and technological way the control in the loading zones implemented in the 10th district.

This training took place during the second week of October and was led by Mr. Fabrice Couché of the municipal police, DPMP (Direction de la police municipale et de la prévention).With this training, Paris is preparing for effective control of the use of the digital loading/delivery zones, which is the key to the successful implementation of S+LOADZ.

The correct communication of the project to end users, and its proper monitoring and control by the police, will maximise the chances of S+LOADZ success and promote the correct use of loading and unloading zones in the 10th arrondissement.