The 10th of June the S+LOADZ consortium and the EIT Urban Mobility visited Vic to learn, share knowledge and experience about urban logistics in cities. 

Meet our S+LOADZ champions from Vic


Fabiana and Joana, our amazing S+LOADZ hosts from Vic municipality, prepared an incredible agenda for a day in Vic with the entire consortium. A day full of knowledge sharing, interesting discussions, learning, great visits and an amazing Spanish lunch. The best host to walk around the streets of Vic and learn about the S+LOADZ project, kudos!. 




Read on to learn and remember everything we did there.

Vic gets ready for the pharmacies pilot

In Montserrat street Vic explained their application for Pharmacies deliveries and emergency pickups. There the consortium has the opportunity to see the implemented signalling, and understand the concept behind this idea, not just by the Vic municipality but also by the pharmacy guild. 

An idea that arose from citizens and businesses will soon become a reality. An example of collaborative work between the government and the community. 

Vic aligns the pieces for the cargo-bike pilot 

The municipality of Vic explains its pilot project of dedicated loading and unloading zones for cargo bikes in the city centre, in line with its goal of promoting sustainable mobility. 


The consortium has the opportunity to talk to the cargo bike operators involved in the project and discuss the challenges and opportunities of this innovative proposal. 

For Vic, the next step will be to create a registration mechanism for cargo-bikes in order to identify them on the Parkunload App, as unlike cars or trucks, cargo-bikes do not have licence plates. One step closer to the pilot lunch!

Vic shows S+LOADZ in action

S+LOADZ members have seen the Parkunload application in action in the Rambla del Passeig. There, Vic city council and traffic officers shared the results of that operation and the intense socialisation work they have done with drivers and citizens to communicate and improve the project. 

Since 2018 they have implemented this loading and unloading zone in the city, and now in 2022 drivers know perfectly how to use it. 

Innovation in the Seminar of  Vic

In the seminar Vic Carles Sentis, CEO of Parkunload, presents the innovation of the project, the Multi-Sustainability pack, an innovative tool for cities to manage their digitized loading zones and promote sustainable and smart logistics. Specifically, the tool allows cities to set the rules for loading zones, and provides them with big data analysis, vehicle emissions, set environmental rules, establish low emission zones in the city and allows them to set special rules for pollution episodes. With the tool it will be really easy for cities to find information on parking patterns, vehicle types, parking rotation and user types, among others. This information will transform the way cities plan logistics, as they now have real-time information on current demand, allowing them to implement charging zones where needed or adjust the rules of existing zones based on occupancy levels per zone, time of day, type of user and even the city’s environmental policy objectives.

Learning about healthy cities

Marta ROFíN-SERRà, the coordinator of URBACT Healthy Cities network of which Vic is also a member, together with Albert Castells, councilor for environment, maintenance and rural mon, presented to the consortium the concept of a healthy city and all the benefits associated with it. 


Learn more about URBACT and the healthy cities network.