The first week of July 2022 Marc Figuls Rovira and Suna Akbayir attended the Innovation Hub Central event hosted by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and EIT Urban Mobility

They had the chance to present S+LOADZ project, in a session held in a boat at the Bosporus sea, that in was moderated by Martí Massot, with the participation of Metin Turkay (Koç University), Sayalee Pendharkar (Landeshaupstadt München), Ali Kutay (Delivers.AI) and Wolfgang Inninger (Fraunhofer IML).

According to the project coordinator Marc Figuls, the main goal of this session was the dissemination of the knowledge generated and the scalability of the innovative solution to other cities such as Istanbul and Martí Massot from the EIT Urban Mobility side stated that “urban logistics is one of the biggest challenges that our cities are facing, so sharing knowledge, debate and exchanging information are more important than ever”.

It is a great milestone that our S+LOADZ project was part of the discussion and it is recognised globally as a transforming solution for city logistics.