S+LOADZ, Sustainable Digital Loading and Delivery Zones, is a 1-year project for the EIT Urban Mobility under the innovation programme 2021 of Sustainable City Logistics. This project is developed jointly between 5 European commercial partners (Artech, Factual Consulting, Ferrovial, Keita Mobility and Parkunload), 2 research institutes (Fraunhofer, Université Gustave Eiffel), four living labs (Ankara, Métropole du Grand Paris, Paris city and Vic), and a follower city (Madrid). Within the project a digital platform to control, regulate, monitor, and analyze loading and delivery zones will be adapted, deployed and piloted. With this platform logistics vehicles will check in when they park and check out when they leave, allowing the cities to:

  • Define dynamic rules for delivery depending on time of the day, type of vehicle, capacity of the zone
  • Implement special conditions/benefits for low emission vehicles
  • Manage digitally and on real-time the Smart loading zones
  • Enforce and monitor the parking of delivery vehicles
  • Define and implement special conditions for low emission vehicles
  • Gather key data for better city logistics planning

In 2021 S+LOADZ will be implemented in Paris, Vic, Ankara, and the Metropole du Grand Paris. Each city will test different types of loading/delivery zones and different functionalities of digital solution, and together we aim to test and improve the S+LOADZ digital solution so as scalable to other cities worldwide aiming to:

  • Promote and enhance sustainable city logistics
  • Improve the loading/delivery parking enforcement
  • Reduce congestion
  • Reduce illegal parking
  • Increment of efficiency in loading/delivery operations
  • Improve of quality and safety in public space
  • Optimize the use of public parking space

To make all this happen, our multidisciplinary consortium is collaborating in the following ways:

  • Artech advises Ankara on pilot project design, implementation and evaluation
  • Factual Consulting leads and aligns all partners’ efforts
  • Ferrovial evaluates business model and product innovation strategy
  • Fraunhofer IAO will leverage a well-proven evaluation framework, thus leading the analysis of the data acquired in the pilots and the derivation of economic, environmental and social KPIs.
  • The Université Gustave Eiffel will assist and evaluate the pilot deployments in the city of Paris and those of the Metropole du Grand Paris.
  • Keita Mobility Factory is studying and designing a micro-incentive plan to promote sustainable behavior.
  • Parkunload is enhancing its product with sustainability features, to ensure cleaner and more sustainable delivery.
  • The cities of Paris, Vic, Ankara and the Metropole du Grand Paris are taking action and transforming urban logistics.

Stay tuned with S+LOADZ. Follow the project and the results of the pilot at http://sloadz.com/