The 27th of October of 2022 the mayor of Ville d’Argenteuil , Mr. Georges Mothron and Jean-Michel G. from the Métropole du Grand Paris presented the incredible work they are going to do to transform urban logistics in Argenteuil in the framework of S+LOADZ. From September on Argenteuil, a city of Métropole du Grand Paris, is piloting the SLOADZ solution in the city centre, which concentrated more than 400 shops, that generates great need of delivery. Trough the Parkunload solution they are digitalising more than 20 loading/delivery zones, and aim to improve the right use of this zones, reduce congestion and pollution and gather data for a better city planning.

This pilot has demonstrated by example that a high level of government commitment is key. The project leaders, including Frédéric GLINEC, Hortense Mourier, Cecile Fache Savin and Martine Vazquez, have done an incredible job.

It was amazing for the partners Parkunload , FACTUAL, Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO, Université Gustave Eiffel to see #SLOADZ in action with such a level of commitment.