Launch of S+LOADZ in Vic

The city of Vic has already started the S+LOADZ pilot to transform urban logistics to a more sustainable one.

Since 10 October 2022 Vic is testing the Parkunload technology.

In these pictures you can see the S+LOADZ solution for the pharmacies and pedestrian zones.


Vic preparation

Prior to the implementation, Vic City Council has trained the civic agents and the police to control and communicate the proper use of the loading and unloading zones through the Parkunload App. Vic has also made a great effort to inform citizens and truck drivers about this new project, so that they are aware of the App and the new way of using the city’s loading zones.  In addition, Vic has opened communication channels with citizens and the community to have a continuous conversation and feedback on this project.

Road to succes

Vic has worked closely with the community, local businesses and key departments in the municipality, such as communication, police and civil guard.
Many successes for Vic in its pilot project, we look forward to seeing the results of this project.